Sustainability Policy


    Our Mission

    mytripology has committed to minimizing travel impacts on the environment and growing sustainable tourism along with society. In everything we do, we strive to consider our planet before taking any actions. We help travelers and communities to have a positive impact on the surrounding areas where they stay or visit. We will always strive to manage our resources to meet economic and social needs while maintaining local culture and biodiversity, thereby making our destinations more preferred. We also work more closely with suppliers that have the same mission like mytripology. 

    Sustainability Management

    mytripology commits to continuous improvement of sustainability practices, including the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our sustainability policy, with dedicated personnel and resources to achieve our sustainability goals. 

    Reduction of Disposable and Consumable Goods

    mytripology practices a waste hierarchical approach to always reduce, reuse, and recycle commodities and products. mytripology minimizes the use of single-use plastics such as plastic bags, cutleries, and straws. mytripology encourages all employees to bring their own water bottles as we provide a water dispenser so they can refill it all day long and avoid the consumption of bottled water.

    Paper Consumption Reduction

    mytripology minimizes the use of paper by printing using second page paper. Printing only when it is needed using eco tank ink that can last up to 2 years, which enables us to print in a resource-saving way, heat free technology, and a refillable ink tank system.

    Sustainability Purchasing

    mytripology uses local products from local brands as our support to the local communities. We believe in quality over quantity, we choose products that can last long.

    mytripology prefers to work with suppliers in the destinations that are locally owned or managed, use local products and services and benefit the local communities by hiring locally.

    Energy Reduction Policy

    mytripology has committed to reducing the energy use, especially in the office and to managing resources efficiently. We use the low-watt energy for all electronic equipment used. We open the curtains to maximize the ventilators and make sure natural light can be seen inside the office. We turn on all electronic devices at 8 AM and turn off all electronic devices at 5 PM. We keep encouraging our employees to practice energy-saving behaviors.

    Staff Travel Policy

    As our commitment, we do provide bedrooms for the ones who live far enough for them to not travel back home every day. mytripology also provides a KRL card (card for train/commuter) that is included in the salary benefit. To reduce transport reduction, we do online meetings as much as possible, especially with the suppliers.


    In the entire process of developing and operating our travel packages, mytripology expects partner agencies to act in the best interests of the surrounding communities and environment as well as our guests.


    In the accommodation selection process, mytripology considers the sustainability practices of an accommodation by taking into account their sustainability management and social and environmental footprint. mytripology favours the selection of accommodations that respect and protect land use, as well as respectfully highlight elements of local architecture, customs and traditions.


    All excursions and activities run by or on behalf of mytripology respect local customs, traditions, cultural integrity, and natural resources. mytripology commits to not offering any excursions that harm humans, wildlife, environment, or natural resources such as water and energy. mytripology gives preference to excursions and activities that benefit local communities, respect animal welfare and support environmental protection.

    Tour Leaders, Local Representatives, and Guides

    mytripology understands that guides are the intermediaries between the guests and the socio-cultural and environmental context of the destination, conveying the appropriate behavior to them. Therefore, we make sure that all guides hired by or leading tours on behalf of mytripology are trained regularly and knowledgeable in the sustainability topics of the destination


    mytripology focuses on sustainable destinations, we aim to send visitors to lesser-known tourist areas to avoid over tourism. We also do not support destinations that have a questionable human rights track record. mytripology commits to support the destinations that are contributing to local communities.

    Customer Communication and Protection

    Customer protection is our priority. We maintain a clear privacy policy to ensure legal compliance in all regards, customers and their data are protected, and customers know how their information is being used.

    mytripology offers products and services as it is being communicated in the planning process. We honor our explicit and implicit commitments and promises.

    mytripology maintains open lines of communication with our customers and encourages feedback at any time and on any topic, particularly sustainability. 

    Please refer here to access the full complete sustainability policy. 

    Contact our Sustainability Coordinator at [email protected]

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